About Me and Dakota Ammo Net

14188194_120874695031912_5259635755430375366_oGuns and firearms have always been my passion. I am from Texas and love adventure. To me, the appeal of guns as a hobby started with the concept of shooting at a given target. This involves concentration, skill and rigorous practice to get an accurate outcome.

Slowly, the lure of my shooting escapades transformed into a curiosity towards the engineering and technology involved in the weapons/ guns themselves. The appeal of firearms technology made me study keenly the different varieties of weapons, firearms and guns and the purposes for which they are put to use.

For many of us gun lovers, the pleasure of shooting a given target is an affordable, interesting and highly satisfying sport and hobby. Having a hobby keeps you entertained and hobby needs equipment for pursuing.

I consider gun ownership, gun sporting, collecting a variety of firearms and gunsmithing as special like no other hobby because it requires a great conviction to constantly defend your right to the responsible use of firearms.

Firearms require great attention and care and are very useful tools in self-defence.This website is an online gun store showcasing our variety of handguns, AR15 rifles, ammunition, rifle parts, shotguns, accessories, firearms and more. Our firearms and ammunition inventory is perhaps the largest available online and a major force in the online firearms sector.

my baby Ruger LCP II Pistol

my baby Ruger LCP II Pistol

As someone who is very passionate towards guns and shooting technology, I feel there is a need to enable anyone interested in the same, to access the best and latest gun machinery and shooting equipment available in the market today.

We stock up on all shooting related equipment and offer them at very competent rates to our clients. Our technical team constantly scouts for new products in the market and adds them to our vast arsenal based on several technical considerations and performance.

If the feedback is not good, we do withdraw the particular product. Our price range is vast and competitive and allows the sale of exceptional products at economical rates. We, have products to suit any budget presented. We also service the needs for law enforcement and military with our range of tactical firearms and weapons andaccessories.

Handling guns, for sporting and recreation was a part of the excitement and adventure in my growing up years. I came to realise later on the impact of guns in self-defence. I come from a place where guns are handled with ease and responsibility like any other scientific machinery. I love guns for their science and technology.

As any other engineering tool, the physics and chemistry that goes into gun making is extraordinary. I love collecting firearms and have a huge collection of vintage and modern firearms. I also am interested in gunsmithing and therefore try to collect and fiddle with the repairs, modifications and designs of firearms.

It’s a craft that has been a passion with me for a long time. I love the mechanical elegance of gun maintenance and shooting target practices which spell freedom and life-skill to me all at once.

Tommy B.