Sig Sauer P238 Review | Advantage with SAS Mag over Competition 2017

Sig Sauer P238

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SIG SAUER P238 air pistol is a successor to SIG SAUER P226 air pistol.

This is a special edition Blackwood grips two-tone air pistol which is half the size of regular full – size pistol.

It feels natural especially for small hands.

SIG SAUER is a popular brand in the air pistol arena; this pistol looks smart and handy but is reliable and accurate like any of the classic pistols.

Best features

Below are the basic specifications of SIG SAUER P238 Review

  • Category – Air Pistol
  • Caliber – 380 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
  • Action – Single
  • Capacity – 6 + 1 shots
  • Length of Barrel – 2.7 inch
  • Grip – Blackwood
  • Weight – 15.2 oz
  • Colour – Black

Compact design – A pistol which shoots at least 9 mm is considered best, most pistols which manage to get into this criterion are pretty huge. They do not fit the hands of people who are petite. The SIG SAUER P238 is a metal frame with few parts which are made of plastic. It has an engraved metal side, which lends an elegant look to the pistol. Although the toy is small in size, the design does not in any way diminish the effectiveness of the gun.

Blackwood grip – The impact of a shot is so enormous that if you do not grip the pistol properly, it might fly out of the hand. Instead of the usual plastic or metal grip that most of the pistols provide, this particular air pistol provides a cherrywood or Blackwood grip. It feels very natural when you hold the pistol.

Powerful calibre – This pistol is compact in design yet the impact is as powerful as the one twice its size. The calibre of this pistol is at .380 ACP. The size or design of the pistol is not indicative of its immense power.

Price – The SIG SAUER P238 price is extremely reasonable for the great features that it provides. SIG Sauer P238 HD and the SIG Sauer P238Nitron are other great air pistols from the same company, but they are priced high for the features they offer. Also, they are not as compact and light weight as compared to SIG SAUER P238.

SIG SAUER P238 SAS magazine – SIG SAUER P238 magazine capacity is at 6 rounds, extended magazines with grip will hold up to 7 rounds.

Weight and length – It has a barrel length of 2.7 inches, it is a single action pistol, and the trigger pull weighs about 8 pound. The overall weight of the gun is approximately one pound will all the magazines loaded. It is quite compact and can conveniently fit into a small purse / medium sized wallet.

The length is 5.5 inches, the width is over 1 inch and the overall pistol stands about 4 inch tall. SIG SAUER P238 SAS has SIG Lite night sights installed, on the left side of the frame there is an easily accessible safety trigger.


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Negative Points

Size matters – Although it could be a great air pistol for people with small, petite hands. It may not be the best fit in slightly big hands. For those who are used to the conventional model of air pistols, this could be slightly small. Their fingers would be dangling at the bottom.

This could mean that the focus could remain uncomfortable. There is an extended magazine which increases the gripping area, but it still is grossly short for larger hands.

High maintenance – Compared to most of the conventional guns, this is a high maintenance gun. It is a metal gun with very little plastic on the frame. After every shooting session, there is a need to clean the entire unit immediately. In fact, you tend to lose the grip after a while due to the build of humidity over repeated use.

If you end up keeping the air pistol outside, the humidity levels could cause dust to accumulate. Eventually the humidity could lead to rusting of the unit. Majority of the rusting is likely to happen on the sights and not on the actual frame. Although the metal frame lends a classy look, it is definitely high maintenance.

Delicate ensemble – Although the parts are easy to pull apart and re-assemble, the ejector has to be pushed down to get the slide onto the frame. If the ejector is not pulled down, it could destroy the ejector. You need to handle the entire unit with immense care; else your air pistol could breakdown. This is a delicate pistol; hence, many people may find it annoying to clean up the unit.

Manual safety – This air pistolhas a manual safety, this could make people new to carrying their unit around a little uncomfortable. Many people do not like the manual safety provided on this unit. You will have to engage the hammer safety, firing pin safety, and a disconnector to ensure that the pistol trigger does not slide into the correct position and just go off.


Advantages over competition

Metal frame and Blackwood grip – The pistol has a metal frame unlike many other similar sized pistols which have plastic parts and frame. The grip is great compared to other air pistols which normally have a plastic grip. Overall, the design is compact and sleek. The conventional pistols are bulkier and have more plastic parts. The metal frame gives durability and a shiny finish.

Good beginner level gun – The conventional guns do not have a petite frame, they typically do not fit within a medium size wallet. For small hands, it could provide a bulky feel and may not provide the right grip. Sig Sauer p238 air pistol offers features that some of its very reputable predecessors like p226 air pistol offer. In addition, they fit very well into small hands are not very bulky to carry around.

Safety options: The air pistol offers manual safety. There are host of safety triggers to take care of before you hook it onto your wallet and carry it around. There is a firing pin safety, hammer safety and disconnector to ensure that the pistol does not trigger off by itself.

Superior quality of magazines – It offers a 6+1 flush magazine, the quality is superior. Despite being reasonably priced, there is no compromise on the quality of the product. The calibre is at .380 ACP which is in line with some of the best air pistols on offer in the market.

Price – SIG SAUER P238 price is the biggest differentiator. It is priced extremely reasonably, for the features on offer. It is a great beginner air pistol which provides great grip and flush magazine. The shots are accurate and powerful. It is also of an ideal weight and can be concealed in wallet, purse or can be carried conveniently in your pocket.



The SIG SAUER P238 SAS is available in a wide variety of finishes (metal colour) and grips including Blackwood, rosewood, two-tone etc., this is suitable for new – generation shooters and the conventional shooters.

  • The design is extremely sleek and compact, for those who intend to use a pistol for self-defence; this could be the right choice. It can be easily concealed under your over-coat, pocket, medium sized purse / wallet. It is easy to carry around, does not weigh more than 8 pounds.
  •  It can be used for summer activity, it has perfect recoil control. When SIG SAUER P238 SASwas launched, feed problems were pretty evident. Then the company re-launched with mandatory upgrade on safety. The owners of this pistol have used it for numerous shootings without facing any issues. The reviews have been extremely positive and supportive.
  • There are many people who like to customise their air pistols. They typically add laser focus in their pistols. But their point and shoot at close distance is quite accurate, hence, most experts have advised against any modifications in this respect.

The SIG SAUER P238 SAShas an anodized alloy beavertail build. They have wood grips which are customised for giving a better grip to the user. They grip is one of the top features that most reviewers have mentioned.

During a rapid fire usage, they ensure that the pistol does not slip out of the hand. SIG SAUER P238 SASmaintains the trademark stainless steel slide which is a common feature in most sig sauer pistols. It finish is that of corrosion resistant Nitron and has SIGLITE® Night Sights.

This air pistol is pegged as an excellent beginner air pistol. It is ideal as a self-defence weapon. For petite hands, this seems a far better option against conventional air pistols. The classic two-tone finish is extremely popular among retro – futurists.

  • There are varied colours and finish available that one can choose from. The ability to conceal the pistol makes it ideal for carrying around.
  • Although it is high maintenance and has manual safety which can be attention seeking most of the time. It is highly reliable and durable. It’s point and shoot feature has gained reputation amongst pistol enthusiasts.

Clearly, for anyone who is starting out on shooting as a summer sport, this could be an ideal choice. The pricing is reasonable; this feature makes it a very good value for money. Clearly, this pistol brings together sleek features and powerful shots at an attractive price!

Tommy B.
Sig Sauer P238