Best Handgun for Home Defense | The Most Recommended List – 2023

Can guns really equip you in self defense? The answer is tricky and although this is a widely debated issue, it is a fact that guns have been used defensively, many times, to stop or prevent a number of crimes from burglary to assault and rape.

  • Defensive gun use is a term that is widely used in gun politics and the implied meaning for the term is its effectiveness in providing safety and reducing crime. A person can use a gun or any weapon in self-defence, but,‘when and whether’ he/she can use this varies with each situation.
  • This is where cheap handguns for sale come in to the picture. The reason is that most Americans seem to think that having a handgun close by makes them feel better protected against violent perpetrators.
  • The number of people that own guns in the USA and all over the world has been on the rise because of rampant crime. Someone who intends to buy a cheap handgun for sale in order to protect and defend himself has to follow the respective state laws regarding gun permits and licences.

It is imperative for a prospective gun owner to first check the credentials of the guns and firearms dealer and have a clear understanding of gun permits and open and concealed weapon carry laws.

Cheap Handguns for Sale

Many gun owners and firearms dealers say that owning at least a simple, basic and cheap handgun available for sale gives them a sense of security and safety and a decent chance for self defense in the event of a burglary or assault.

Owning a firearm or a gun also entails a responsibility towards training in self defense. Although owning a handgun may be the first step in dealing with issues of self defense, it is very important to know that guns can also cause a lot of harm and damage. It is therefore essential to use them wisely.

There is a wide assortment of small and cheap handguns for sale in the firearms market, which offer a decent protection mechanism and are also economical cost-wise and maintenance-wise.Handguns are firearms designed for use by one hand and are otherwise known as pistols.

The handgun for home defense should really come ‘handy’, that is, it should be easy to train with and effective when used. The handgun for home protection should really serve its purpose of protection when used.

If you are looking for protection and security from your firearms, here’s a recommended list (2016) of the 5 best products and their individual description which make it to the category of the best handguns for home defense.

Glock 19 Gen 4, 9mm,15rd, Hot gray Cerakote Finish, US Made 15 Rd Mag:

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The Glock 19 Gen 4 features fixed sights, interchangeable backstrap, revisable magazine catch and Dual recoil spring. It is equipped with a Safe Action trigger system with three safeties and a right hand hexagonal barrel rifling. Hot Cerakote is used for to give the handgun a special surface treatment and this product comes with a chemical and corrosion resistant finish. It is manufactured in the USA.

The Glock 19 Gen4 makes it to the most recommended gun for personal defense list because its cutting-edge pistol technology and design and has found wide appeal with private security services and individuals interested in self defense. Read the full review HERE

Glock 26 Gen4 Pistol, Standard Fixed sights, 3 10 Round Mags:

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The Glock 26 G4 9mm bodyguard is similar to the .38 snubnose revolver. The Glock 26 fires the powerful 9mm cartridge and has the combined capacity of a 6-shot detective special and 5-shot chief’s special, with much less recoil and a greater accuracy at a faster firing rate.

The surface of the frame is a Gen4 rough textured frame and the handgun comes with a reversible magazine catch, changeable in seconds and accommodates both left and right-handed operators.

The Glock 26 Gen 4 Pistol makes it to the best handgun for defense list because of its revolutionary scientific design and features. This handgun is suitable for amateurs as well as professionals, first-timers as well as seasoned users. All in all, this Glock 26 is a well-tested and widely approved product. Read the full review HERE

Ruger GP100, 6 Round 357 Magnum w/Fixed Sights/stainless Finish&3” Heavy Barrel:

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The Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum heavy, full shroud barrel comes with a grip frame designed to facilitate different custom grips. The triple locking cylinder is locked into the frame at the front, back and rear which gives a perfect alignment and reliable firing shots. The Ruger GP100 has Recoil-reducing, cushioned black rubber Hogue Monogrip.

The Ruger GP100 revolvers are widely relied upon because they are among the best .357 magnum revolvers ever manufactured. The plus of this revolver is that it allows repeated firing without any shooter fatigue. No special tools are needed for assembly and take-down. This paves way for easy maintenance and assembly and that is why it is a top contender in the best handgun for home defense 2016 category. Read the full review HERE

Ruger LC9s, 9mm, Short Light Trigger, Blue Finish,7+1 capacity:

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The LC9 is a star addition to the Ruger’s arsenal of slim, lightweight trigger pull handguns. It comes with a blue alloy steel slide and black one-piece glass filled nylon grip frame. The pistol has a high visibility3-dot sight system with windage adjustable rear sight and fixed front sight. The barrel provides a 1:10 inch right hand twist and includes integrated trigger safety, manual safety and magazine disconnect.

The Ruger LC9, 9mm makes it to the highly recommended list for its sleek design and firing accuracy. Also, it is a gun which can be easily concealed and is ideal for self defense requirements on the move. Read the full review HERE

Sig Sauer P226, .40 S&W, 4.4”, 10rd, Black Alloy Frame, FS, CA:

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The Sig Sauer P226 is an elite product from Sig Sauer range of handguns. The barrel strength is a good 4.4” and has a calibre of 40 S&W. The grip is a black 1-piece ergo and has an aluminium alloy frame with a black finish and black stainless steel slide.

The Sig Sauer makes it to the best handgun for home defense category 2016, because of its excellent combat capabilities. The excellent ergonomic design is easy to handle and combines technology with simplicity in such a way that it is widely used by amateurs and professionals as well.

In conclusion, it can be said that the above mentioned products are best for home defense category and are even used by professionals like detectives, investigative agents and the like. These cheap and economical guns for sale have a wide appeal for their accurate shooting range, compact design and other different appealing features. Read the full review HERE

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Best Handgun for Home Defense