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The ‘Signature’ gun of the SIG Sauer company is the Sig Sauer P226 model pistol.

This model was manufactured by the company in the mid of 80s’ as part of a bid for the U.S military contract.

As 9mm cartridge was a trend at that time, SIG made the P226 as a full size, 9mm, double stack gun.

While they failed to get the contract after a tough competition, it was already that P226 was unmatchable.

  • SIG was a company manufacturing guns for the past 150 years and they partnered with Sauer & Sohn, a German company following the change in Swiss law on gun manufacturing. They not only became successful because of this partnership.
  •  The P226 gained immense popularity because it is used even now by the US Armed forces, namely the U.S Navy Seals and Texas Rangers. P226 also has a lot of sub-models.
  • So, it is also very easy for people to select the right one for them. As P226 is the most popular model, it is also one of the first models to be adapted as SIG Sauer P226 air pistol.
  • These air pistols are the reproduction of the model with accurate weight and control in order to make practicing easy.

In this Sig Sauer P226 review, we are going to discuss about the various aspects of the pistol and justify the fact as to why it is the most desired gun in terms of look, operation, maintenance and accuracy. 

Best Features

SIG Sauer P226 has over 20 variants. Though these variants differ in many ways, the basic features remain the same. The changes may be in the way they are engraved or the kind of finish done.

There are also changes / addition in features like night sights, grips, rails and lighter materials being used. What this review is going to feature is the basic best features that are common across almost all the variants.

  • Safety System: The four-point safety system is a patented system of SIG Sauer. There are a set of fail safes that is more sophisticated than other guns. Here is how the four-point system is.
  • Whether the round is chambered or not, the De-cocker allows for the hammer to be sunk.
  • Unwanted or accidental firing is prevented by the Safety Notch that helps to separate the hammer from firing pin.
  • The Firing Pin Safety Mechanism is designed in such a way that the firing pin moves only when the trigger is engaged. At all the other times, it doesn’t move. As P226 is designed to be drawn quickly in case of emergency, this is a much required feature as this is a kind of drop safety. [PDF]Handling and Safety Instructions – Sig Sauer
  • The Slide Notch makes sure that the firing pin and the cartridge are separated. This has been incorporated as a measure of safety when the gun is cycling.

This four-point safety system is a revolutionary system introduced to the world by SIG Sauer. It was only in the mode P226 that the company introduced this system.

  • Trigger: The trigger configuration in P226 is a standard double-action/single-action mechanism. The different variants of P226 might have different options and it can be customized too but the standard trigger configuration is the most reliable. In this mechanism, the initial shot will have a longer trigger pull that cocks and fires the weapon.
  • Once the initial shot is done, the hammer stays cocked resulting in a much smoother and lighter trigger pull. The combination of long double action with a break and a single action for a lighter and smoother trigger pull makes the firing incredibly fast. But, one needs to know the weapon well in order to handle the trigger efficiently.
  • Construction: The body of the pistol is made of steel with only the grips that may be rubber, wood or plastic. It looks rather dignified. The metal construction helps in recoil reduction. The difference can be seen in the 40 S&W version of the Sig Sauer P226 pistol which is more powerful than the 9mm version.

The E2 version of the P226 has a more comfortable grip and gives a solid feeling while holding it.

  • Sights: Sights are the most important part of a self-defence weapon. The standard P226 has a sight radius of 5.7 inches. The sights of P226 are solid, tough and very easy to focus and get on the target. Not only that, the SIG sights take the lead over competition by providing night sights.
  • Magazine: Reloading the P226 is very easy. The magazine button is located to the left side of the pistol’s frame and it can be reached by using either of the thumbs. But as the button has been strategically placed, it prevents accidental exposure by not being exposed. 
SigSauer P226 S 9mm Para

SigSauer P226 S 9mm Para

Negative Points

There is no doubt that the Sig Sauer P226 is a reliable gun. But there are few points that needs to be mentioned when it comes to its’ downside.

  • The gun slightly flips due to the higher bore axis.
  • As the full body is made of steel, it is a bit heavy and bulky. That is why it is considered as a good house gun and a fine hand gun but not suitable to be used as a carry gun.
  • The trigger system of P226 is really good. But for an amateur, it takes some time to get used to it. Also, because the weight of the gun helps against recoiling, it also means the first shot is not accurate unless proper technique is learnt. Though this is not a drawback, this point should be considered.
  • The Magazine and the gun as such, is a bit on the expensive side.
  • Though SIG doesn’t need much customization, finding parts in the after-market is a little bit difficult compared to other guns,
  • Disassembling and cleaning of parts takes a bit more time as there are more parts involved.

Advantages Over Competition

The Sig Sauer P226 is a striking piece of mechanical engineering. Compared to the other competitors, it stands tall when it comes to the reliability it offers.

  • All the SIG pistols are a mark of quality with respect to the materials used and the workmanship than most of the competitors. Even the entry level SIG pistols offer more than other competitor’s premium products.
  • The P226 variant offers twenty different variants to choose from based on user preferences. These variants vary in terms of the finishes, sights, grips, triggers, etc.
  • The all-steel frame gives a firmer grip.
  • The double action and single action trigger configuration system is liked by all the professional shooters.
  • The most important point to mention here is about the Sig Sauer P226 accessories. Accessories for modifying the trigger system are really costly but the assurance is that they need not be changed as they last for a lifetime.
  • Accessories like the spring are strong enough for the whole lifetime of the gun and even if they get dirty, they work without fail. Many Sig Sauer P226 users are police and military personnel and they still do not opt for changing the accessories. Even if the gun needs an accessory replacement, it is simple to do so.The Sig Sauer P226 are finely designed and precisely assembled guns making them the most spectacular guns of all times compared to its competitors.
  • The success of Sig Sauer P226 pistol led to the Sig Sauer P226 Airsoft There are many airsoft guns in the market that replicates other guns but they are not even as close as how the Sig Sauer Airgun replicated the original. These Airsoft guns can be used in training and due to its similarity with the original, it remains the favourite gun for training thus, reducing the training cost.


The SIG fire arms are used by about one third of the US police. The gun is well known for its’ safety, reliability and consistency. In addition to it, any accessory, repair or customization is readily and easily available.

  • As far as the SIG Sauer P226 price is concerned, it is on an expensive side but certain characteristics like the lifetime warranty and the quality of SIG P226 pistol makes it worth the buy. Depending on the technical specification and the model of the gun, the price may be anywhere ranging from $700 to $1000.
  • SIG P226 is an all-time favourite and is a perfect gun for the well-experienced shooters. Though there is a view that it might not be much suited for user with smaller hands with respect to the trigger, recent additions feature a frame that accommodates small hands and gives a good grip and a good finger to trigger placement.
  • It is to be noted that it is being widely used in the U.S Navy seals for its reliability. At home, it is the most practical pistol that is both reliable and durable. But it is certainly not a gun for amateurs due it’s triggering system.
  • While choosing a gun, the key factors are the body stature and hand size. The gun is also chosen based on the purpose – concealed carry, home safety, recreational or defensive.

Sig Sauer P226 meets all the above criteria. The best way to select the one is by narrowing down the choices by handling the variety of P226 variants and selecting the one that gives more comfort to the hands of the user.

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Sig Sauer P226