Glock 19 | The Perfect Handgun Review, Accessories and Price – 2017


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Considered to be the most suitable gun for both beginners and professionals, the Glock 19 is a perfect gun due to its’ size and light weight.

It is a semi-automatic and short recoil operated pistol.

While the most popular model among the private gun enthusiast is the Glock 19, it is also the one among the approved guns by the New York City Police department for being compact.

Due to its’ conceal-ability, it has also found its place in the U.S. military. In addition to this, many firearm instructors make use of this gun for teaching.

When it comes to Glock 19 vs 17, the Glock 19 is more compact. One can even describe Glock 19 as the scaled down version of Glock 17. Glock 19 is almost half an inch shorter than the Glock 17 but still packs 15 rounds of 9mm and one in the chamber.

One more reason that makes Glock 19 more desirable is the design. There are no unnecessary external controls and, they are minimized and internalized in order to increase its’ practical efficiency. The design is the reason why it is chosen by both practical shooters and civilians.

Best Features

  • With Glock 19 Gen4, the Glock company would have achieved a near to perfection model. Glock 19 was first introduced in 1988. In 1993, the Gen 2 version of the model was produced and in 1998, the Gen 3 version was manufactured. The latest Glock 19 Gen 4 was released in the year 2010.
  • While each generation of Glock 19 offered different features, all the Glock 19 guns comprised of 34 parts. They are made of steel and polymer-2. The polymer-2 was invented by Glock and it is a nylon-based substance with great strength.
  • When compared to the earlier models of Glock, the gen 4 model has a smaller grip circumference and also has a multiple back strap system designed for larger hands. Let us look into some of the other best features of Glock 19 Gen 4.


As mentioned earlier, the gun’s magazine can hold 15 rounds of 9mm and one in the chamber. Of the other pistols of the same calibre, this is an average amount. The luger bullet is a 9mm and has a muzzle velocity of 1,104 fps which is above average compared to other pistol rounds.

Glock Safe Action Trigger System

Unlike other guns, Glock 19 doesn’t have a safety switch on its’ frames. But the Glock Safe Action Trigger System makes it the safest weapon to handle. There are three mechanisms in this system:

  1. The Trigger: There is a small lock in the Glock to keep the gun from getting fired accidentally. When pressed, then the trigger is moveable.
  2. Internal Firing Pin Safety: Glock has an internal Firing Pin Safety to keep the striker from launching forward.
  3. Drop Safety: The gun is safe enough even when dropped from a significant height. It would not fire in case it is dropped.

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When it comes to the Glock 19 Accessories, it comes with the following accessories free of cost: Accessory Rail, Back straps, Cleaning Brush / kit, Manual and Speed Loader.  Also, there are many accessories like the Sights, Grip, styling options and holsters available in the market that made specifically for Glock 19 Gen 4.

  • The owner can modify the trigger for a lighter pull weight or modify the barrel for various calibres or various types of ammunition. One can even have a different suppressor. Based on one’s taste and opinion, they can choose many aftermarket accessories specifically made for Glock 19.

If the accessory is needed and can make the shooter shoot better, then the accessories can be fit. Again, the choice should be made depending upon whether the accessories are fit for use at home, work or every day carry.

Sight Options

Glock has many sight options – the standard polymer fixed sights, steel fixed sights, adjustable sights and Glock night sights.


The Glock 19 Gen 4 weighs around 23.65 ounces with a trigger pull of around 5.5 lbs. The barrel is about 4.02 inches and is hexagonal shaped. The frame is made of polymer-2, a type of material that gives great strength. It has finger grooves on the front strap and little cruxes on the side and back straps for a better grip under any weather condition.

The recoil spring setup is a bit on the stouter side than that of its previous models. The slide has a tenifer coating in order to prevent rusting. The coating is very hard and even if the black colour wears off, the coating would still be in place. The extractor really needs a mention here – if there is a round in the chamber, one can feel it on the extractor.


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Negative Points

The Glock 19is the best gun for personal defence and is free from any malfunctions. It is really a good choice as it is a good tool that can save the owner and works every time without fail. But there are a few glitches though. Let us look at them one by one.

  • On the appearance front, Glock 19 is a bit ugly. It is square and blocky in its look.
  • It is only 9mm
  • It doesn’t have a trigger safety like other guns and its trigger system is initially difficult to learn
  • In terms of concealability, it is not compact enough for a concealed carry. Though it is compact, this pistol is slightly larger than other concealed-carry pistols.
  • Though this pistol is best for short range work, the sights limit long-range accuracy. This means that the core quality of the pistol does not include pin point accuracy. The Glock has some small variations in accuracy when it comes to long distances. Though this variation is insignificant, the Glock is not perfect in this aspect.
  • While talking about the Glock 19 price, this is certainly an affordable pistol compared to the other service pistols but it is certainly expensive than the other cheap guns meant for personal defence.

The Glock 19 has its own pros and cons. But it certainly is not a bad choice at all. It is a great gun. Other than the safe action trigger and the polymer frame, many parts of the pistol like the sights and grip inserts can be changed according to the choice. 

Advantages Over Competition

Block 19 Gen 4 is certainly the best self-defence pistol when its characteristics are studied closer. The choice of pistols may differ based on the different users and the usage. But as far as Block 19 is concerned, it certainly remains at the top due to its characteristics.

Design Simplicity: The design simplicity is really admirable. It can be easily stripped apart for cleaning and maintenance. The simple design has also taken into account the safety aspect though many might argue about the trigger’s design.


A huge percentage of the New York police department make use of this pistol. It has also been subjected to various number of tests over the years. It has worked in all scenarios and various climatic conditions without failing in any of the circumstances.


It can be comfortably carried by concealing and also can serve during duty. The size is just perfect for either of the options. When compared to the double-action revolver or the other semi-automatics, the weight of this pistol is significantly lighter.


For its light-weight and size, it carries a 15+1 rounds. This is a standard feature for pistols (with concealed carry).


The Glock 19 price has remained steady for the past decade. It costs around $500 and it is quite reasonable compared to other similar pistols.


A lot of Glock 19 accessories are available in after-market. Whether people want to modify them according to their choice or want to replace them as part of maintenance, the parts are quite inexpensive and easy to find compared to other pistols.

The Glock 19 is a great pistol when compared against other pistols. It has a perfect balance between its features, price and customer service.


There might be many options available in the market that would suit people looking for various aspects. But Glock 19 is a tough competitor in every respect. The first reason for recommending the Glock 19 is for its size – it is a perfect balance between compactness and big enough for handling.

  • The second reason is the simplicity – The trigger mechanism which is both safe and ready to use at any time. The third reason is its’ price and availability –  It is priced at a moderate range and is also the most suitable pistol for people searching for a quality gun.
  • As the Glock brand is a very common one, one can find the accessories of Glock 19 for sale in the aftermarket very easily. Above all the attributes, the reliability of Glock 19 is what makes the pistol the desired one by the majority of the pistol collecting population.

Glock 19 is a pistol that is best suited even for the first time buyer for its simplicity of use and maintenance. Not only for the first time user, but it is also recommended and best suited for both home defence and every day carry.

Tommy B.
Glock 19