Ruger GP100 | Review of its Capabilities, Grips and Accessories – 2017


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Ruger – Does the name does ring a bell? Sure, it does!

Founded in 1949 by Alexander McCormick Sturm and William B Ruger, Sturm, Ruger and Co. Inc and, popularly known as Ruger, is one of the leading firearm manufacturing companies in the US.

Some of its popular productions include single shot rifles, shotguns, single and double action revolvers and, semi-automatic pistols. And, talk about double action pistols, the first name that comes to mind is GP100, popular as Ruger GP100, courtesy the raging Ruger GP100 reviews.

Ruger GP100 is a double action revolver that comes as the six shot .357 Magnum, seven shot .327 Federal Magnum and, as 10 shot .22 LR. Ruger GP100 22LR make takes its inspiration from the Colt Diamondback .22 that was first made in 1972.

And now, GP100 22 LR comes across as one of the beautifully designed revolvers that come with a customizable grip, the much talked about patented transfer bar mechanism and the absence of integrated subassemblies.

Now, before we talk about Ruger GP100 reviews, let’s understand what features make this beast the one to ride with!

What makes Ruger GP100 the most sought after revolvers? 

Ruger GP100 are heavy guns, essentially the double action revolvers that come with a cushioned and rubberised black Hogue monogrip. The robust design has been derived from the older Security six series.

And, when we talk about GP100 series, .357 Magnum revolvers can’t be missed! The entire design of Ruger GP100 series is phased in three assemblies.

  • Barrel and Frame
  • Trigger guard
  • Cylinder assembly

The best part about the design is the simplicity of it! The parts are merely contained by usage of spring loaded plungers and some screws.

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With rugged frames and cushioned grip, .357 magnum permits repeated rounds of firing with almost no shooter fatigue. One of the highlights among the Ruger GP100 revolvers is its strong triple locking cylinder that spins flawlessly. The cylinder comes in blue or stainless steel. The variations are square shaped or round butt shaped.

In .357 Magnum model of Ruger GP100, the barrel length is about 3.0″. The revolver is made of stainless steel, weighs about 36 oz and, sports a spurred hammer style. It gives three barrel options such as 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch too.It is apparently one of the best choices of self defence.

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Let’s talk about Ruger GP100 grips!

Apparently, Ruger GP100 grip, precisely the Hogue monogripis the brainchild of an astute LAPD officer – Guy Hogue, who wanted a better grip for his duty revolver at the time. His idea took the form Hogue Inc.

That now specialises in making beautiful revolver grips that are made of rubber, polymer, G10, wood and aluminium. The best feature about Ruger GP100 grips is its customizability that allows improvisation in the grips.

Clearly, Hogue Monogrips gives Ruger GP100 revolvers its vantage point, as a wide range of grips can be accommodated in this gun.

Triple lock cylinder system 

Ruger GP100 comes with a cylinder locking system that is integrated as a part of the frame at the crane. This system is also attached to the back of the ejector rod.

The bolt at the bottom of this cylinder locking system locks the cylinder in the frame in all the positions of front, rear and bottom for an accurate alignment.

This system aids shooters during practice sessions where this alignment strategy gives them a steady range of good shots. Every time the cylinder turns, the bolt retracts again.

Patented Ruger transfer bar ignition system

This is one of the salient features that is the reason behind the fantastic Ruger GP100 reviews. The system contains a transfer bar that is connected to the trigger.

Essentially, the transfer bar is a piece of steel that engages between the hammer and the firing pin during the trigger pull. The mechanism of firing is designed in a way that, the hammer cannot come in contact with the firing pin unless the transfer bar comes into picture.

When engaged in up position, the energy is transferred from the hammer to the frame mounted firing pin. The safety during the operation is ensured in the fact that, the transfer bar will be engaged in the up position as long as the pressure is maintained on the trigger.

On release of pressure, the transfer bar eases itself down in a way that the hammer falls and does not come in contact with the firing pin. This mechanism prevents the accidental engagement of the revolver should it slip and fall on the ground in a way that the hammer is cocked completely. Even if the hammer is uncocked, this mechanism prevents any kind of discharge from the gun.

The steely touch! 

Ruger GP100 is made of steel. However, there are two basic configurations concerning the make. The blued models are made from high strength steel and are given the blue finish after being put through a hot blue process. The entire process makes the surface corrosion resistant. The other configuration is made from stainless steel that gives a shiny high polish finish.

  • Besides the above mentioned salient features, Ruger GP100 is a heavy gun and hence, comes with less recoil, thereby making the shooting less strenuous and more enjoyable.
  • With a heavy precision rifled barrel and, with fully adjustable Patridge type sights, Ruger GP100 is easy to load and, easy to operate. With an easy routine maintenance, Ruger GP100 is quite the good Hulk that ought to save you in your act of self defence.

Some of the Ruger GP100 accessories include the plastic carrying case, a gun lock and an instruction manual that fills you with the necessary safety measures. Ruger GP100 is the perfect combination of an excellent grip, a good and evenly distributed weight and an excellent ergonomic design which is every shooter’s prerequisite when handling guns.

Where does Ruger GP100 take the hit? 

The big le down in Ruger GP100 is its Hogue Monogrip. The shape does not go well with the stub frame of Ruger GP100. It is evident from Ruger GP100 reviews on how the hands in the aftermath of shooting feel a sting in their wrists and palms, owing to the strange fit of Hogue Monogrip.

Other issues with theRuger GP100 gripsinclude:

  1. Mismatch of spacing and angle of the finger grooves
  2. The conspicuous vertical rise of the grip at the point where the thumb is positioned.
  3. Inadequate width across the backstrap (this increases the recoil force)
  4. The molded stippling smudges the aesthetic appeal of the gun.

Given that, Ruger GP100 is a heavy gun and, considering it uses the .357 magnum cartridge, it also needs a six inch barrel to moderate the muzzle blast.

Another issue with the GP100 series is the fact that the surface is not rust resistant. Contact with moisture, weather fluctuations and even fingerprints can cause rusting. Which is why, oiling the gun is a big part of the maintenance routine.

Customising this gun could seem appealing as it allows it in the first place. However, should there be a major repair the gun will have to be sent back to Rugers who do not sell repair parts separately. And, in case of modifications done from your end, the amount spent in getting your bad boy back is sure to drill a massive hole in your wallet!

How does Ruger GP100 breeze by its competitors?

Despite a few negative points concerning the Hogue Monogrip, Ruger GP100 still retains its coveted spot among the sought after double action revolvers. And, Ruger GP100 asserts with its sturdy frame that the ability to sustain full power is directly proportional to the density of the revolver.

  • In the past, Colt’s Python and medium frame revolvers like S&W K-series gave double action revolvers a class that dealt with .357 magnum cartridges. However, these medium frames suffered when a .357 magnum full power was engaged. Despite being able to sustain the pressure, the wear and tear was inevitable.
  • Unlike the previous pistol giants that came with conventional grip frames, Ruger GP100 decided to undergo a makeover by embracing the one piece grip of any size and shape. In Ruger GP100, the grip panels are separate from the sides of the grip frame, which is not the case in traditional revolvers.
  • Another feature that gets Ruger GP100 reviews its due is the implementation of music wire springs in recoil. These springs are essentially high carbon steel wires that are extremely durable and tough and, are more tolerant to shock load than others.

Its tensile strength, however is likely to get affected if temperature fluctuations cross 120 deg Celsius. Besides, it needs a good maintenance routine, given its susceptibility to rust and corrosion.

What we deduce from Ruger GP100 reviews? 

With a large sturdy frame, improved grip mounting system, internal cylinder retainer, a trigger guard latch and trigger return spring, RugerGP100 is your sure bet for best Handgun for Home Defense.

Ruger GP100 price range is anywhere between $800 to $900. If you plan to own this wonderful hunk, seek the best gun brokers, go through more Ruger GP100 reviews from the ones that have extensively used it and then, narrow down on the choices of buying it. One can also visit gun auctions where it will not be hard to findRuger GP100 for sale at a reasonable price.

When fully loaded with .357 full power Magnum, it is the beast from hell that would take down on all the trouble mongering perpetrators in the cleanest way possible. Not that violence is a recommended course of action for any reason.

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Ruger 100